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All About Coming Out

"Can't I just come out on Facebook?"

I’ve wanted to come out for years, but I’m a senior in college now and haven’t found the courage to tell anyone. Recently I’ve been thinking about just updating my Facebook profile before I tell my friends or family. What do you think about that?

Coming out online has its benefits. Making your announcement to so many people at once can be liberating, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of having the same conversation a dozen times. But I’m afraid using social networking sites this way is no replacement for direct, in-person conversations. In your case, I think it’s especially unwise because you say you’re having trouble speaking up offline about your sexuality. The first step in any successful coming out is getting comfortable enough to talk about it. Then, tell your closest friends, parents, siblings, and others you care about — in person. After that, it’s fine to note on your profile that you’re interested “in men” or “in women” and see where that leads you.

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