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Do you lie on sex sites? Ended
Is it OK to have sex when you're a houseguest? Ended
How often do you practice safe sex? Ended
Do you accept Tracy Morgan’s apology for his anti-gay rant? Ended
Do you reveal your sexual orientation on job interviews? Ended
Now that same-sex couples anywhere in the U.S. can marry in New York, will you? Ended
What do you think about the Facebook petition to have Bert and Ernie get married? Ended
What's the gay date etiquette on revolving doors? Ended
What do you think is the best way to come out? Ended
Where do you and your partner sleep while visiting family for Thanksgiving? Ended
Would you come out at a family gathering – or say anything that could make Aunt Edna uncomfortable? Ended
What is your New Year's resolution? Ended
What should a gay couple do if they're not treated fairly at a hotel? Ended
Have you been bullied or harassed for being LGBT? Ended
Who picks up the tab on a first date? Ended
How do you feel about the recent apology from the Rutgers student convicted of spying on roommate Tyler Clementi? Ended
You have a one-night stand with a complete stranger -- which you regret. Do you tell your partner? Ended
When was your last HIV test? Ended
What will you do on National Coming Out Day (Oct 11)? Ended
Decision time approaches. Who are you voting for? Ended
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